About Us

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Visibility meets Opportunity.
Be Discovered.

AdThrone.com strives to be the premier marketplace for businesses to buy, sell and manage offline advertising opportunities, such as print media, broadcast, and direct marketing publications. AdThrone allows businesses to hyper-target their advertising efforts by segmenting opportunities by characteristics such as: price, location, reach, advertising method and industry/type of business.

AdThrone came about conceptually in 2012 when Founder, Alex Levine was volunteering at the YMCA where he currently serves as a Board Member. One of Levine’s primary responsibilities was fundraising for its youth programs, which consisted of direct outreach to like minded companies. This process was time-consuming and Levine realized that using the power of technology, one could not only expedite the fundraising process but also assist non-profits and sponsor companies in finding one another to match up quickly. Recognizing the broader applications, Levine expanded this idea and built a model that incorporated not only non-profits but all businesses that had offline advertising inventory that they were looking to promote.